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Simon game is an electronic memory game. It was launched in 1978 at Studio 54 in New York and became an immediate success. The brainchild of electronic inventor Ralph Baer (who had developed the first home video game console, the Magnavox Odyssey, in 1972), and manufactured and distributed by Milton Bradley, Simon went on to become a pop culture symbol of the 1980s. The game unit has four large buttons, one each of the colors red, blue, green, and yellow. The unit lights these buttons in a sequence, playing a tone for each button; the player must press the buttons in the same sequence. The sequence begins with a single button chosen randomly, and adds another randomly chosen button to the end of the sequence each time the player follows it successfully. Gameplay ends when the player makes a mistake or when the player wins (by matching the pattern for a predetermined number of tones). When Simon presents a pattern, the player must only push his own color in sequence. Hitting your color out of sequence causes it to be eliminated. Simon then starts over with the three remaining colors, then two, and the last player left is the winner.

Game Instructions

Remember the sequence in which the lights were displayed, then try to remember!
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