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The formula of the game is simple and typical for the era of this game. The player pilots the 'Raiden Supersonic Attack Fighter' through waves of enemies, and several levels. There are two types of weapons, and the player can collect several powerups for them to make them stronger. There are bombs and missile powerups as well as collectable medals which add to the score. The game was comprised of 8 levels with mass amounts of enemies for a frantic pacing.

Game Instructions

Playing Raiden X is fairly simple; the joystick moves the player's jet around, the "Fire" button shoots the main gun, and the "Bomb" button releases a smart bomb that inflicts serious damage and momentarily shields the player from enemy fire. (Bombs are limited in supply, but when you die you always return with the starting bomb count.)

Many power-ups can be found to bolster your firepower.

"L" icon gives your aircraft its corresponding Laser-type weapon, which varies drastically between different jets. (For instance, one jet's Laser-type weapon is a flamethrower, while another shoots spinning cresents of energy.)

"M" icon gives your aircraft its unique Missile-type weapon.

"S" summons a Slave, a small helper aircraft that flies alongside you and shoots when you do, giving you some extra firepower.

"P" simply makes your current weapon stronger. (If you don't have a Laser or Missile, it will just make your normal vulcan gun more powerful.)

"B" gives you an extra smart bomb.

Laser and Missile cannot be equipped at the same time; if one is picked up, the other is lost. Grabbing multiple L's or M's will increase the power of the weapon.

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