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Anti Pacman

Game Info

Anti-Pacman is contrary to Pacman. In this Anti-Pacman game the ghosts are controlled by the virtual players and the Pacman has to be caught by the ghosts before the Pacman finishes up all the dots. If the Pacman eats the ghosts then the ghost dies forever. So, in Anti-Pacman you have to take care of your ghosts not the Pacman.

It is thought to be simple to play as four ghosts against one single Pacman which is not even fair but those who have tried to play this game has found it difficult. The people said that is hard and the vision of the game doesn’t match the actual one.

In short all want to play reasonable to the Pacman but he is smarter than all. So we try to play and catch him.

This reverse game makes maniac atmosphere. The community is also looking out for the ghange in the graphics and functions in the game. The community is turning restless with every day that is passing. So if you want a new exposure then you just immediately join the community and enjoy the Anti-Pacman.

Game Instructions

The Goal is to trap Pacman using the 4 ghosts. Key to the game is to use the ghosts to corner pacman before he eats all the dots or before he eats you.

Up, down, left and right arrow keys to move ghost around the maze.

keys 1 ,2 ,3 4, to switch to the ghost number.

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